The inclusion of Belvoir Castle jars because it is as good as inaccessible by anyone who does not have their own transport. I think NottsEdit should stick to promoting places WHICH are accessible by public transport. This link may be of assistance to readers of this post: https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/media/109174/nottinghamshirecountybusmap.pdf

Sadly, it does not cover the city itself. The only map which does is one I publish online and print in limited numbers when I can afford to, usually with the help of sponsors. Here is a link: https://historybybus.blogspot.com/2024/04/beestondestinations-map-updated-for.html

With a few days notice, I will happily provide ‘Travel Notes’ for you.

Keep up the good work Regards OL O Bunny 🐰

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Great post! Stunning places in Nottinghamshire to visit, love them all! Thank you for sharing!

Marysia Zipser

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Thank you for the lovely comment! Glad you enjoyed it.

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